Orthopedic Correction


There is an orthopedic workshop in our Rehabilitation Center. The workshop is equipped with all required tools for manufacturing the individual orthopedic items and accessories to insure orthopedic corrections in great and medium joints and bone tissues of our patients. In our Center we have accumulated  rich experience in manufacturing of various orthopedic items and accessories used for proper fixation of various parts of the body. 

Orthopedic accessories are manufactured to our own technology that have been worked out by professionals of our Rehabilitation Center. 

These accessories make it possible to correct the following health problems:

-reconstitute  an anatomically correct shape for joints and bones;

- put into effect the recovery of the normal motion function;

-uniform distribution of static and dynamic load onto the bone system of human organism;

- ability to sit and to walk. 


The modular orthopedic device. TУ 9396-003-48998172-2008

Модульный ортопедический аппарат TУ 9396-003-48998172-2008


The modular orthopedic device can be used during  rehabilitation exercises as well as in a daily life. Its application is recommended during exercises designed to acquire  walking habits as well as for permanent wear when a patient is  moving  in  a vertical position.  

This design ensures stabilization the lower extremities movement during walking on an arch (from within to outside), which provides the optimum movement of a whirlbone in  the hip socket (cotyloid cavity). Vertical loadings   in the outcome facilitate forming of anatomically regular correlations in the coxofemoral joint.  ("loadings" means:  the weight that a bone has to withstand. The load is directed from top downward). ( the same in line 24)



Talocrural (ankle) Brace. ТУ 9396-001-48998172-2008

неправильная установка стоп влосковальгусная


Talocrural (ankle ) brace is an orthopedic item that is used for correction of  wandering deformations in the foot osteoarticular mechanism and in the ankle joint.

Talocrural (ankle) brace can be used for medical treatment, rehabilitation as well as in everyday life, when the patient’s lower extremities are subjected to vertical loadings ( in standing position, while walking, remedial gymnastics). The following objectives are obtained:


ортез для неправильной установки стоп

- proper shaping of locomotor apparatus;

- plotting of anatomically regular reference axial lines from calcaneal tuber up to atlanto-occipital joint.

- Muscle tone control and improvement of feedback;

-Activation of foot sensorimotor zones in order to control physiological response.

- Equilibration and posture monitoring.



Orthopedic Insole. ТУ 9397-002-48998172-2008

Ортопедическая стелька-патент


Orthopedic insole is intended to be used in standard, preventive or orthopedic footwear. The insole ensures optimal bracing of a patient foot, proceeding from its specific features.

The insole is intended for persons having foot deformations and /or defects. 

The orthopedic medioprophylactic correcting insole can be applied by oneself, without assistance, to correct the following pathological conditions:

- low degree of flat- valgus foot;       

- longitudinal and  transverse flat-footedness;

- valgus distortion of the first toe;

- calcaneal spurs and other foot skeleton exostoses that need unloading.