Additional methods of rehabilitation

Dear parents, in this section you will find information about rehabilitation techniques that are not available in our center but which we can recommend as beneficial.

Rayttherapy               Dolphin Assisted Therapy


In the mid-1950s, a new therapeutic method was introduced that has been given the name “animal therapy”. Communicating with animals has been used not only to relieve nervous tension, but also to heal people with very serious diagnoses.

Although the therapeutic effect of communication with animals has been known for a long time, since at least the days of Hippocrates, the concept of "therapy involving animals" was formulated only in 1960 by the child psychiatrist Boris Levinson of the United States, when he discovered that his young patients responded positively to his dog, who was in the waiting room during the treatment session. Since then, this method has been widely adopted.

Currently, communication with animals is used to treat rather complicated diseases such as: neurological disorders, hyperactivity, cardiovascular diseases, and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Reports of positive results are encouraging the development of this new therapeutic method.

Therapy involving animals is a targeted intervention, in which the animal acts as a competent member of the treatment process, and thus the therapeutic effect in many respects depends on the animal. To obtain the desired results this kind of therapy needs not only specially trained animals, but also specially trained staff.